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Chiko's Smokey Rubs. All purpose spices.

All purpose rub's which can be used on all meats: chicken, beef, pork, seafood. Can also be used for other dishes such as rice, stir fry, vegetables, salad and can even be added as a topping for french fries or popcorn. All Purpose!

April 13, 2015  :

 Two new flavors of "Chiko's Smokey Rub" - Spicy Fusion and Middle-Eastern Spice were released.

November 2, 2014:

Two new Flavors of "Chiko's Smokey Rub" - Triple Garlic Fusion & Ham Seasoning were released.

June 4, 2014:

 The first flavour of "Chiko's Smokey Rub" Original Flavor went on sale at a street festival in Bermuda called "Harbour Nights".

March 7, 2016:

The 6th flavor of "Chiko's Smokey Rub" - Chipotle was released. 

May 4, 2017:

The 7th flavor was released: "Salt Fusion". Limited edition 

Chef Chiko

Michiko Campbell, better known as Chef Chiko has been actively in the kitchen since the age of 16.  The ambitious and hardworking creator of Chiko's Smokey Rubs studied at Johnson and Wales University in Miami Florida with aid from scholarships from the Bermuda Department of Tourism, the Ministry of Transport, and the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines International. 


While there, Chef Chiko proved to be very active on campus, taking a mixology class where he learned to put together a variety of seasonings to tasty effect as well as sharing another special form of craftsmanship. Chef Chiko built two six-foot, authentic Bermuda kites, earning him campus-wide recognition while sharing Bermudian Culture with the world. He also holds a Bachelor's of Science in culinary arts and food service management. 

The Creator of Chiko's Smokey Rub

At age 30, Chef Chiko runs a full time catering and carpentry business. When he's not in the kitchen cooking he is an avid fisherman. He has been fishing since the tender age of 7. It isn't strange for Chef Chiko to catch a few fish grill them up right away for his family and friends with his homemade Smokey Rub.

Chiko's Smokey Rub is growing fast. With Chef Chiko always perfecting his recipes and his incredible wife Sherelle taking care of the design and marketing, the only place for Chiko's Smokey Rub to go is up.


He is a very crafty person as well. He started learning carpentry at the age of 8 working in his Uncle's workshop. He now runs his own carpentry business known as: 

"Chiko The Builder". Chiko The Builder

Instagram @chikothebuilder  

Catering:'s Catering Bda

Insatgram @chikos.cateringbda


Chef Chiko's Linked in Profile

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