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1st Year Anniversary Celebration & 1st Harbour Nights of 2015

Last night was a huge success. Many happy customers, locals & tourists. Over 100 bottles were sold and free goodies (chicken right off the grill, cupcakes, and cookies) were given out to everyone that stopped by. Its a great feeling as we have reached 1 year in business. It has been an amazing, successful year. Late nights, all worth it. If we continue down this road of success then nothing should ever be a challenge it should be "WHATS NEXT". The vision for Chiko's Smokey Rub is forward never backwards. Also I will like to thank all of our customers, you are the most important people for this business because with out you alls support we wouldn't be here today celebrating our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!. So I say thanks again to you all much love and thanks.

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